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THU 21 - FRI 22 JUNE 2018
Imagine waking up each day feeling the financial freedom and deep fulfilment you've been wanting and knowing with complete clarity that you have the best wealth creation strategies working for you...
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Start your journey to Your Ultimate Self 
Breakthrough Self-Doubt and Begin Your Ultimate Journey Towards Self-Love 
Discover You. 
Discover Your Success.  
Discover Health, Vitality, Joy Wealth, Relationships, Love and Success…
Inspire Incredible People to do Extraordinary Things
Discover How To Create A Culture of High Performance, Set Benchmarks And Grow Your Team...
Take Your Business Results to the Next Level 
Discover How To Become  A Master Closer And Turn Objections Into Yes' And Get Your Prospects Convincing You...
Your Ultimate Self
Your Ultimate Journey Towards Self-Love.
If you care about creating a meaningful life of passion and purpose. Then you'd want to be a part of this program. 
6 Levels of Your Ultimate Self
Imagine the power of living your life on a deeper level . Where joy, vitality, confidence, fulfilment, abundance love and relationships flourish . Where you feel inspired, confident, and in control of your life's journey and it's ultimate purpose . Unlock all this and so much more through this ultimate journey of self-love and self-discovery in Your Ultimate Self Online Program.
 Connect with a Global Community
Ever wanted to find a community where you truly belong? A community of passionate people who are committed to living a meaningful life . And more than that, committed to supporting each other on the journey towards their own definition of success. That’s what makes the Your Ultimate Self community unique. We are proud to have members from around the world who often become lifelong friends . The kind you can count on to always be there to support you, champion you, and celebrate your authentic self.
It's so much more than Just a Program
It's a journey to reclaiming you . . . who you authentically are and who you were always meant to be.  Your Ultimate Self has gone on to become so much more than just a program. It's a worldwide movement, it's a community, it's a tool for personal success.  By your own definition and on your own terms.  Discover what happy people already know about how to let go of roles and burden, leave behind old fears and doubts, and tap into the courage to be all of you.
"As someone navigating a very personal chapter on my journey at that particular point, I found Steve very respectful in his manner, language and tone, and acknowledging of the sensitive aspects of our conversations. Sharing one’s story with someone requires a lot of trust, and I found Steve very skilled, professional and caring during our conversations, creating a ‘safe’ space to share"
Brisbane, Queensland 
Your Success
Discover what successful people already know about creating life on their terms… Discover health, vitality, joy, wealth, relationships, love and success…  Discover You. Discover Your Success.
Take Responsibility
Imagine the power of living your life on a deeper level… Where joy, vitality, confidence, fulfillment, love and relationships flourish. Where each day is more than “just acceptable”, but lived to the fullest. Where you feel inspired, confident, and completely in control of your life’s journey… Unlock all this and so much more through 12 levels of the ultimate personal growth and self-exploration program
Create Focus
YOUR SUCCESS is your unique portal to access the wealth of experience, knowledge, research and wisdom of worldwide experts from best-selling authors to renowned speakers, coaches and mentors on human behaviour, success strategies, wealth creation, neuroscience and so much more… with names like Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, John Demartini, Joe Pane and Sharon Pearson, you can rest assured that you are embarking on this journey with the best of the best.
Take Action
Have you ever wanted to find a community where you truly belong? A community of passionate people who are committed to making a difference and living a meaningful life… and more than that, committed to supporting each other on the journey towards their own definition of success. That’s what makes the YOUR SUCCESS community unique. We are proud to have members from around the world who often become lifelong friends… and is always there to support each other, champion each other (and even to give the occasional much-needed kick-up-the-bum!)
"Steve's experience in leadership and board roles shines through in his board improvement and coaching services. Working with Steve to refine my personal directorship goals has significantly helped me focus my current and long-term board-related professional development activities"
Watson, Australian Capital Territory
When You Purchase Today,  You'll Also Get Access to Your Success Live Training:
  Yes I want my 2 tickets to Your Success 2-Day Live Training (valued at $1997 each!)
Your Success training is a phenomenal event that will help you to truly immerse yourself in the patterns of empowerment that you will love… There are limited number of these tickets available so take action now, because we can only have so many people in the room at the training.
Disruptive Leadership
Disruptive Leadership is for anyone who needs to step up and lead. Using Sharon’s unique system, marketers, coaches, experts, consultants, managers, business owners and presenters are achieving results unlike anywhere else.
 Winning Team
The only program there is, that combines how to build a high performance culture, maintain standards that don’t turn into bureaucracy and develop people beyond their ‘job roles’ toward their leadership potential in 7 modules.
 Achieve Benchmarks
Structure gives your team the support it needs to do incredible things. Imagine working in a place where all of the day to day is taken care of and your only responsibility is innovations and improvements.
 Models of Excellence
Modelling success of others is a great place to start in any leadership journey. In this module, we look at the achievements of some of this industry’s greatest success stories, and how you too, can model them to achieve excellence and success in your business.
"After some very rough years, where my self-esteem and self-worth took some very hard knocks, I was not convinced that I had what it took to succeed in this new phase in my life. Steve has helped me identify beliefs and behaviours that are holding me back; replace them with ones that will help me and taught me the importance of setting goals and taking action. Because of Steve, I have started rebuilding my self-belief. and for the first time in a long time, I truly believe that I will get there; I will succeed"
Perth ,  Western Australia
Ultimate Influence
Ultimate Influence is for anyone who wants more sales, more clients, more profit.
Using Sharon’s unique persuasive system, marketers, coaches, experts, consultants, managers, business owners and presenters are generating leads and higher conversions through their sales team.
 Become a Master Closer  
Apply the Eight Steps of Ultimate Influence to effectively boost your conversions and profits and actually causes the prospect to sell themself
 Learn How to Overcome Objections 
Know your buyer’s psychological triggers and learn how to overcome any objection they may have using five proven methods (module 5) even if you are inexperienced at sales.
 Position Yourself & Your Client as the Trusted Authorty
The near-psychic approach to having your buyer say ‘yes’. It positions you as a trusted authority almost instantly (module 6) with a proven way to get prospects to practically crawl across broken glass and beg you to help them. 
"I was not sure what I was going to get from coaching after having a mentor for so long but I can tell you It has opened my eyes to the way that I use my language and handle certain situations.
Being able to understand why I do what I do is so important to self improvement.
Not only have I been improving in my career I have got my life back again and I am thinking about the future again. I have started implementing this with my team and I can see improvements. I would highly recommend Stephen and the system he follows "
Crib Point, Victoria, Australia
Real People, Real Results,
What Members Are Already Loving...
"I wake every morning more passionate than the day before..."
about supporting people, growing my business, making others even more successful and living a life of passion and purpose. Thank you so much
Kim Rowe
"The depth of knowledge shared with the group and by the group confirms that this model has massive scope "
to impact people on many levels – individually, families, workplaces, communities and, dare I say, globally! 
Anne Scholl
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Start your journey to Your Ultimate Self 
Your Ultimate Self
$187 for 3 Months
$497 FULL (SAVE $64)
  • 6 Levels of Your Ultimate Self
  • Complete Your Ultimate Self Resources
  • Your Ultimate Self Facebook Group
Discover You.
Discover Your Success.
Your Success
$997 FULL (SAVE $503)
  • 12 Levels of Your Success
  • Complete Your Success Resources
  • Your Success Facebook Group
Inspire Incredible People To Do Extraordinary Things
disruptive leadership
$497 TODAY + $597 FOR 6 MONTHS 
$2997 FULL (SAVE $585)
  • 7 Exclusive Member Modules
  • Complete Disruptive Leadership Resources
  • Disruptive Leadership Facebook Group
Take your Business Results To The Next Level 
ultimate influence
$597 TODAY + $597 FOR 6 MONTHS
$2997 FULL (SAVE $585)
  • 8 Ultimate Influence Modules
  • Complete Ultimate Influence Resources
  • Ultimate Influence Facebook Group
About Black Bull Performance 
Black Bull Coaching is a division of Black Bull Performance Group which provides a holistic approach to improving both organisational and personal performance from the top of the organisation all the way down to it's front line employees.
Led by International Mindset Coach Steve Gregory, Black Bull Performance Group helps people be the best version of themselves and facilitates new ways of thinking to achieve goals, overcome problems and clear personal development blockages.
Steve brings a unique flavour to his coaching, drawing upon his commercial and leadership experience over his 35-year career. Significant real-world experience delivers greater insight into the challenges confronting todays commercial leaders, management and front-line employees.
His open and warm style with people creates strong connections and deeper insights.

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