#ITSMYTIME to know that I am enough
  #ITSMYTIME to live my life consciously
  #ITSMYTIME to fall back in love with myself
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YOUR Privacy IS Guaranteed
 Fiona Says...
As I sit in the morning of EPICFest... I believe this was when my journey to self-love really started and it is why for me that Becoming functionally self-ish is so important I'm on a mission to create an international community of functionally self-ish human beings and it's exciting as whilst it is a wonderful path to walk, learn and grow for the rest of my life the ripple effect to others is equally amazing.
Your Epic Journey Starts Here
Family Open Day 1: For You & Your Loved Ones! 5PM-9PM On Friday Evening
EPIC Friday
  Ultimate You Quest Edition Book Signing
Get your Ultimate You copies signed by Sharon! Be part of the Ultimate You global phenomenon, that's inspiring the global community around the world to know that #IAMENOUGH.
  Manifesto Corner
Leave your mark and come be part of the fun in the TCI Manifesto compilation at the Manifesto Corner!
  TCI Universe Tour
Come join the TCI squad who will take you on a magical tour of the beautiful TCI HQ building, where it all first started with a dream to make a difference.
  Face Painting
A hit with the kids and adults alike! We're bringing face-painting galore, back for you by popular demand :)
  10 Traits of IAMNESS
We have an epic line up of gaming and activity booths based around embracing your 10 traits of IAMNESS... Participate in all activities to embrace Curiosity, Risk Taking, Spontaneity, Love, Warmth, Playfulness, Uniqueness, Optimism, Emotional and Resilience <3
Day 2: For TCI Coaches Only! 10AM - 6PM Saturday
EPIC Saturday
  #ITSMYTIME to Get to the Truth of Me
We discover the Safe problems that have been keeping us stuck, the stuff we think we ‘have’ to deal with. Learn how to replace your Safe problems with Risky problems that are a pathway to your shedding the mask and living the journey that matters more than any other journey we’ll ever take.
  #ITSMYTIME to Release from the Shadows
We go deeper within our Inner world to be able to feel compassion, consciously, even toward people who may have hurt us. You learn to give and receive compassion, freely and truly experience Centred Relationships based on reciprocity and values match.
  #ITSMYTIME to Reclaim the Ultimate Me
Unlock the key to cognitively knowing that you are already enough and whole by understanding the exact vital needs,boundaries and emotions that were denied to you as a child, and how to access them as an adult in a resourceful way.
  #ITSMYTIME to Let Go of Happiness Myths
Learn the power of intent as we discover and choose to focus with all our intent on letting go of happiness and fulfillment myths and creating true happiness, an ideal life, one ideal average day at a time, and carving a pathway into realising our Future Self.
Day 3: For TCI Coaches Only! 10AM - 6PM Sunday
EPIC Sunday
  #ITSMYTIME to Cultivate Happiness
Once we dump happiness and empowerment myths and choose happiness and empowerment truths, we're able to savour the joys of life, take responsibility of where we are at, and achieve our 'in here goals' more than our 'out there goals'.
  #ITSMYTIME to Know I Am Enough
We tap into how to access a deep sense of gratitude for who we are and for what we experience, fully in love with us and our flaws. When you embrace gratitude, you discover that you are the source of your own healing and cultivating your own ‘Happy’.
  #ITSMYTIME to Choose Self-love, Friendships & Forgiveness
Access the deeper truths about creating heart-centered, fulfilling and meaningful relationships. When we get clear on our boundaries, and trust ourselves to be able to handle 'it', we're whole, centered and attract a whole, centered person worthy of our awesomeness.
  #ITSMYTIME to Fall Back In Love with Myself
Time to fall back in love with you. Put back into your hands a good deal of your control over your life with responsiveness. Unveil how you are changing, how you’re responding to life, how you’re experiencing this moment and who you are being.
Be a part of this awesome, inspiring TCI coaches-only event . . .
Your EPIC Speakers
Starting out as a personal trainer, Matt began his coaching journey to help his clients transform not only their body but also their mindset, creating a successful business in the health and wellness industry.

Matt brings unparalleled passion to serving, mentoring and championing our successful coaches on a massive scale. With over 4000 hours of coaching experience, he is the leading coach and mentor of Australia's #1 community of successful coaches. 
ilsé strauss
Ilsé has over 4000 hours of coaching experience in the Leadership area. Alongside being featured in a Foxtel TV Segment and an Amazon Best Seller, Ilsé is well-known for her ability to teach, transition and inspire leaders into harmony - both in business and private life.

She believes that values alignment is paramount to personal transformation, business success and humanity’s evolution. Ilsé is a powerful force in re-aligning successful people with ‘a new normal’ of life and leadership lived with powerful values.
Joe has the reputation for being the ultimate coaches' coach having trained in excess of 6,000 coaches working in the field. Today Joe is the epitome of the successful coach... He is the Head Trainer at TCI who gets to empower new coaches to succeed.

As one of Australia's most-loved and most-masterful life coach and human behaviour expert, Joe is going to walk you through the powerful impact of Meta Coaching and the exact steps to take to start transforming lives as a coach, even with little or no experience. 
Hear What Other Coaches Are Saying About EPICFest
 Karen Says...
I went to EPICFest last year and I still mark it as the first turning point that started me on the journey to me and to my purpose. I was introduced to I-Amness and I've become healthily obsessed with this deepest journey to self-love. Since that fateful weekend, I have thrown myself into an exploration of my I-Amness, I have reconnected to my own deepest talents and passion and found my true purpose.
 Katherine Says...
I am love, loved & loving. That's my lesson today. Thanks for an epic weekend of great learning, connection & safety of belonging in an amazing tribe at TCI. Thanks to Events team for organising & all Coaches that shared their wisdom. You blew me away!
 Charlott Says...
Thank you for an amazing days. So many moments of wow. I will be watching the recording at least 30 times. So much to learn, how awesome is that! Buttons pushed, emotions shook up. Also, a big shout out to everyone one else from TCI, the WOW team. All amazing! EPICFest is Awesome!!
 Katy Says...
Thanks to all of you at TCI who made this event happen - it is so important to gather together these two days and remind ourselves of the mission we're on in changing people's lives. Love the epic community of beautiful human beings, you guys ROCK!!!
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